You know how so often, the website you are joining for wants you come up with a unique user name. I was only a year out of college, but I was tired of blankly staring at that field and creating malaise combinations of my initials and birthday.

“ExplodingSoul” came to mind when I first signed up for a Twitter account in 2009. I wanted to start using an uncommon name that I’d find open on other sites too. I always feel like I’m bursting with ideas, thoughts, feelings and dreams – so ExplodingSoul I became.

After working at Water.org for four awesome years, I knew it was time to take a step in a new direction in April 2012. Never in my life did I think I’d start my own business, but as the opportunity for freelance/contract work began to unfold, ExplodingSoul LLC** was born.

But that decision really went more like this…

ME: “I don’t know what to name my business…”

MENTOR MIKE: “Why not ExplodingSoul? You have that name everywhere.”

ME: “Well I just don’t think people will take me seriously with that name…”

MIKE: “Do you think people took the name Google seriously when they first hear it?”

Since April 2012 I’ve been working with The Way Women Work as the Director of Community Engagement and with SpiderOak in a similar role. I help with their marketing, branding, social media, writing, partnerships, campaigns, and more.

I also have some side clients/projects at the moment and am open to more if you’d like to inquire about how I can help you, your project or company.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to send me a note anytime: erin[at]explodingsoul[dot]com.


**Thanks my dear friend, architect, and designer John P. Whitaker for helping me design my logo & branding.

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