Erin Risner has more than a decade of experience as a strategic self-starter and creative hustler. Driven to bring teams together and build momentum. Leads through listening, questioning, learning, and ideation. Lover of strong, clear communication. Big picture. Optimist. Fiercely passionate about making a positive impact.

I’ve always seen what others can’t. A possibility, an opportunity. A way to make it happen.

From fundraising my support to be able to study abroad in college, to appealing to my university with a formal proposal to do a semester-long internship in the Philippines and China but still keep my scholarships and full credits, to convincing an international nonprofit to let me volunteer and intern when they never take any interns, to quickly working my way up in every job I’ve had, and always being relied upon by leadership to determine direction and develop strategic plans, I’ve been wrapped up in a vision.

I am fiercely passionate about the big picture, about strategic direction and communication, about being intentional. And I believe it matters what I pour myself into. I take extreme pride in my work, in rolling up my sleeves, in getting my hands dirty, in doing whatever it takes, and bringing others along with me.

Now in my 30s, as the Senior Marketing Manager at a tech company that specializes in encrypted software products, I’m used to taking complex ideas and making them relatable, answering “Why should I care?” on a daily basis in everything I do.

I believe it’s about your customer, your audience, the problem you’re solving – not you as the solution. It’s about being human, being relatable, and understanding on the most fundamental level who you are helping and how. What is their story? What is your story?

Why ExplodingSoul? As a part of my story, I started using this name in 2009 when I first joined Twitter. It represents who I am in a way that cannot be contained. In every part of my life, I’m always bursting with ideas, thoughts, emotions, plans, goals, dreams, and intention. This is how I bring value to wherever I am working, and whoever I am working with.

What ideas, dreams and plans can I help you with?

With gratitude,

Erin (Swanson) Risner


*Thanks to my dear friend John P. Whitaker for helping me design the ExplodingSoul brand.


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