My career began at WaterPartners International (now Water.org) as an unpaid intern. They never took interns, and I had to convince them to give me a shot. They did, and I worked my way up to Digital Marketing Manager. It was an incredible four years where I helped rebrand the organization to Water.org and develop their core messaging; I traveled to visit our water projects in Bangladesh and Haiti; I helped managed high-level partnerships; I personally raised tens of thousands of dollars; I developed creative campaigns and led the charge for advocacy around the water crisis online; I wore many hats as I helped build the brand and put Water.org on the map as a leader in the nonprofit space.

In April 2012, I decided to step out on my own and start ExplodingSoul LLC. For the past three+ years, I’ve been working with The Way Women Work as the Director of Community Engagement and with SpiderOak in a similar role, as well as a couple of other clients.

I’m pride myself on being a passionate, creative, hard-working Midwesterner; I’m a wife, mom, yogi, world traveler, wine-lover, adventurer and musician of 20 years. I’m fiercely loyal to my friends, family and jobs. I believe in adding value, always.

Simplicity and authenticity trumps all.

*Thanks to my dear friend John P. Whitaker for helping me design the ExplodingSoul brand.

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