now I’m “that guy”…

…I started a blog. Eek!

I think the final motivating factor is the anticipation of travels and excitement to come and wanting a consistent place to share it with others. When thinking about it this morning, I realized part of the reason I probably never have done this blog thing is the people-pleasing side of me that avoids forming opinions as to not ruffle feathers. After all, so many people are talking and verbally vomiting on the world, do we really need another voice to add to the noise? And so, often I seem to take the role of a listener and keep opinions to myself.

Today the difference is timing.  This blog is for me. I am going through a lot with trying to heal from my eczema, learn and grow as a young professional in the international nonprofit/social media world, settle into adulthood, really connect and share life with others in meaningful ways, continue to come into my own and grow in faith, and find balance in it all…[to name a few! ha!]

SO! Consider yourself warned:

– I have no idea where this will go.

– I have an unhealthy affinity for emoticons and ellipses.

– I promise nothing, but I invite you into into it all.

Here goes nothing :D


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