*holding breath*

I’m afraid if I say it, it won’t happen…but I’m basically FREAKING out with excitement.

First, it looks like I will finally travel with work and get to the field to visit project sites! Things should be solidified tomorrow or Thursday so Visas can be put in forward motion. I just can’t believe it! :D I have been with Water.org for a year and a half now, from volunteer, to part-time, to full-time. I have been reading and writing about the people we serve, the places, our projects, sorting through pictures, hearing stories from co-workers, yearning for my turn with the kind of patience a seven-year-old has when in line to see Santa for the first time. Come February, I will be off to Bangladesh for a week!

And, I mean, I’ll already be in Asia, so why not keep traveling…right? Selfishly praying it works out to take another week of my own to visit my dear friend Shannon in Kazakhstan, who is there with the Peace Corps. We Skyped this morning for the first time to scheme a bit…so, we’ll see! BAH!!!

All the while, I am so thankful today because for the first day in weeks, I feel more like myself! My skin hurts just a little less, it hurts just a little less to move, I am not itching constantly, I am quick to laugh. What could it be? The fifth week of my diet/lifestyle change? Some true healing finally taking place amidst my perseverance? A tiny step forward? The prayers of friends and family? I do know that I have had to rely on those I love to carry me with their thoughts and prayers because I have hardly been able to utter them myself. It’s like Eyeore’s rain cloud wouldn’t get the hell away. And now the sun finally broke through and grazed my face, sharing a warmth that was bordering on mythical…

I won’t get ahead of myself […thank you Lord for today, for now]. We’ll see what tomorrow brings…health and travel plans alike [and weather – apparently a lot more snow?].

Tonight: I think a good night of laundry, cleaning, reading, and baking sweet potato fries awaits me…yeah, that will be nice.

BEAUTY! Sun breaks through the clouds as we paint the community center in rural Xi Chang, China. Nov 07


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