a walking contradiction

So often, I’m me, in an opposite day, a rainy day,

flitting from thing to thing, feeling to feeling,

activity to activity,

Simplicity this soul does not know;

We meet in passing, or I recognize his profile on a bustling street,

the Noise and I, hold hands across traffic;

I keep meaning to meet him for coffee, I’m just so busy…

I want adventure, LIFE, intense love and passion,

I want to be a source of peace, renewal, joy and laughter,

I want to be content,

at rest in who I am, and a place of rest for others,

I want to laugh, GOD, I WANT TO LAUGH,

to celebrate all I’ve been given, who I’ve been given…

for God’s sake, won’t you people just LOOSEN UP,

quit taking yourselves so seriously

or you won’t make it out alive,

you’ll die long before you’re dead…

Who made you think the fun was over, it was never placed in a box,

you just got distracted in your game of hide and seek,

on that beautiful summer’s day of breeze and honeysuckle,

you took a phone call and decided to grow up…

How can we be “okay”?

Will the books, the classes, the travel, that one person, that revelation, epiphany, destination, always looking ahead, eyes on the next step, trying not to trip, hurrying to make it on time, to what? you’re not sure…”think ahead”, “dream big”, “reach for your goals” but we’re walking by her, the things we’re looking for, ha ha fucking RIGHT THERE, LOOK UP, YOU’RE GOING TO MISS IT, YOU’RE MISSING IT, you’re missing it…

child, STOP, good LORD, you’re going to be okay,

but stop.

Sit for awhile.

Let the sun hit you.

There’s a hand by you, made for you, wanting you, open for you…

Quit trying.

Just live…breathe…be simple…you will find yourself here.

And then, that peace will come.


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