“apparently, I’m radioactive”

[Quote from a Steve Martin comedy sketch I love]

SO my dear friends and family who have been with me on this journey, I thought today we could have a good laugh together. I got my food allergy test results yesterday* [Hallelujah Chorus] and boy howdy, am I EVER glad I did this.

[*Background: if you didn’t know, I’ve had eczema all of my life but it has become much more severe, especially over the past few years. I have been in a lot of intense, unbearable pain and finally, two months ago, I went to see a holistic doc for the first time because I did not want to rely on medicine. Yesterday was my second appointment, where I got acupuncture [first time] and the results to a food allergy test – testing me for 200 foods – which was determined through testing my blood.]

I could have never guessed some of these. But it really is quite humorous – I’ve been laughing at least – not only how many there are, but what some of them are… so please, let this brighten your day, may it make you glad you’re you, and then today, enjoy every bite and taste of the food you can eat! For me – promise you’ll do that for me :)

SEVERE INTOLERANCE ::     Baker’s Yeast     Cardamom     Malt     Pomegranate     Squash [yellow]     White Potato

MODERATE INTOLERANCE ::     Apple     Bok Choy     Carob     Cashew     Celery     Cow’s Milk     Fava Bean      Flaxseed     Lamb     Lima Bean     Nutmeg     Pear     Rice     Salmon     Shrimp     Veal

MILD INTOLERANCE ::     Acorn Squash     Artichoke     Avocado    Bay Leaf     Blackberry      Cabbage     Carrot     Cauliflower     Chamomile      Chick Pea     Chili Pepper     Coriander     Cumin    Curry Powder      Grape       Green Pea      Honey      Hops     Iceberg Lettuce        Jalapeno Pepper      Liver [Beef]      Lobster     Mango      Millet     Mint     Mussel       Okra      Olive       Parsley     Peanut     Pistachio       Rosemary      Soybean      Squid      Tapioca       Tomato      Turkey       Turmeric     Vanilla     Zucchini

ALSO :: Gluten [Barley, Oat, Wheat, Rye Spelt] and Whey [Goat’s Milk, Sheep’s Milk]

What this means is my body reacts to the proteins in these foods. They cause inflammation inside because my body can’t handle it, and therefore through my skin.

I am to cut out all of these foods for the next three months or more to allow my system to continue to heal and balance. My understanding is that eventually I may be able to have some of the mild triggers, but will just have to see how it goes.

The few things I was elated to learn I’m NOT allergic to some of my other favorites: sweet potatoes – because baking sweet potato chips has become not only an art, but my delicious indulgence – almonds, pecans, pineapple, and bananas. I also learned I’m NOT allergic to eggs and corn, which I had cut out the past two months. The only grains I can have now are buckwheat [not sure I’ve ever even had it], corn, and quinoa [which has become a recent favorite anyway!].

The natural diet over the past few months has made me feel better [mood, body functions, energy] and improved my skin a little, but it is no wonder I wasn’t healing like how I hoped, as I have been eating a lot of rice, avocado, squash, potato, celery, carrots, cabbage, chick peas, pear, salmon, AND my favorite tea I’ve been drinking every day had Cardamom and Carob, two big intolerances.

I am hopeful that from today on, as I don’t eat these things, that I may get to REALLY experience health and healing. We shall see, ay? :) Crazy, crazy…

Thanks for your support! It has been an interesting but often difficult few months, and I seriously could not have done it without you. Thankfully, I also received with this test a long ole list of foods I CAN eat, which I will share accordingly with those of you who I will be meal-sharing with :)

It feels SO good to finally know. And I’m blessed to have been able to even pay for and get this test done in the first place. Yeah, I will miss some of the foods I’ve had to cut out [ICE CREAM], BUT, I would much rather feel better, be free from pain, and be confident in my own skin. And there is no temporary gratification that could replace that.


4 Comments on ““apparently, I’m radioactive”

  1. it’s good to see that smiling face. and i hope you continue to feel better!
    there are all sorts of gluten-free resources out there…my cousin has been eating gf since her baby was born (bc he’s allergic. crazy.) and it’s doable! Try Nut Thins. tasty crackers made from nuts. yummo.

  2. coconut milk ice cream will be your new best friend!!!!!!!!!! it is soooo heavenly!

    I am so thankful you have found out the results finally. I hope your body continues to heal naturally. I am so proud of you for taking these huge steps to change! If you need more resources I have about a billion blogs to peruse, but I know you already are aware of many.

    I love you so much Erin. I’m glad to see you smiling! Food will take on a whole new meaning of NOURISHMENT for your whole body. It will be such a blessing to focus deeply on the meaning of that and see the changes in you.

  3. Erin,

    My sister read this blog and referred me to it. Oh my goodness!!!!! Who would have thought that people would be allergic to all of that!!!!?? Anyways, jack has an appointment with a dermatologist and allergist in the weeks to come because of his eczema. They have diagnosed it has severe and they say that its usually not this bad in babies. They are convinced that he must have a food allergy of some sort or to something in his milk, he is now on soy. It has been so frusterating for me to try to manage his eczema. Nothing seems to work and the only relief we get is when we use a cream called eledil, but it can cause cancer if you use it too often so I never want to use it. I just wanted you to know that I understand, not physically but just by managing Jack’s it makes me wan to cry and it’s only been 2 months of it! I can’t imagine a lifetime:( love you and praying with you that the change in eating foods your allergic to will make a difference!!!

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