what i CAN eat

So you’ve seen the unfortunate list of what I am allergic to and cannot eat [if you missed it, find it here], but the good news is there was an even longer list of what I CAN eat.

Several people have asked out of curiosity, so here are the foods my meal-planning revolves around:

Asparagus       Beet      Black-Eyed Peas       Broccoli        Brussel Sprouts        Cucumber       Eggplant       Endive       Fennel       Green Pepper         Kale        Kelp        Kidney Bean        Leek         Lentil Bean       Mung Bean        Mushroom        Mustard         Navy Bean       Onion Parsnip        Pinto Bean        Radish        Rhubarb          Romain Lettuce        Spinach         String Bean          Sweet Potato       Swiss Chard          Turnip         Watercress

Apricot         Banana        Black Currant        Blueberry         Cantaloupe          Cherry          Cranberry         Date        Fig        Grapefruit Honeydew        Kiwi          Lemon        Lime           Nectarine        Orange          Papaya         Peach          Pineapple          Plum         Pumpkin Raspberry        Strawberry         Watermelon

Beef         Chicken          Duck         Pheasant         Pork         Quail        Venison

Egg white         Egg Yolk

Anchovy        Bass        Catfish         Clam        Codfish         Crab        Crayfish        Flounder       Haddock        Halibut         Herring        Mackerel Oyster         Sardine       Scallop        Snapper          Sole         Swordfish           Tilapia        Trout         Tuna

Buckwheat         Corn         Quinoa

Anise Seed         Basil          Black Pepper        Cayenne Pepper        Cinnamon        Clove       Dill       Ginger        Liquorice       Oregano       Paprika        Saffron        Sage       Tarragon       Thyme

Almond        Beet Sugar        Black/Green Tea        Brazil Nut         Brewer’s Yeast        Cane Sugar         Caraway          Cocoa        Coconut Coffee       Cottonseed        Fructose         Garlic        Hazelnut      Macadamia          Maple Sugar         Pecan        Pine Nut       Psyllium   Safflower        Sesame       Sunflower         Walnut

Good stuff. I am definitely expanding my tastes and buying/cooking new foods. And it is pretty fun! If you want to come over and try something new, I’ll cook for you any time. :)

Here here!


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