Bang: Day Three

It’s weird – the days are already running together, yet the trip is going slow to me – but in a good, I-can-take-it-all-in sort of way.

One of my favorite parts about travel [be it a family trip, fun weekend away with friends, or extended adventures such as this], is if you let it, you have no where to be but there…but here. You get the chance to take time with your thoughts, your travel companions – on the road, at meals…for good conversations, random stories, observations, to create inside jokes…I think there is a quote, that if you really want to get to know someone, travel with them.

Nicole and I are not only enjoying one another, but also the Nick News crew – Marty [producer], Mark [videographer] and Ted [sound]. They have traveled all over the world working on all kinds of different documentaries – a good number of them together, and have a story for about everything. It has also been really cool to watch them work too, as they are each truly masters of their trade.

Today we went to a slum community called Dhobari, where the kids shared a skit about suffering from bad water and then getting a clean water point. They also sang us a few health and hygiene songs. Afterward, we went to a slum community with a water project in progress – Deowan Bari – where we captured some of the tubewell drilling. Nicole and I were also asked for our autographs, ha ha.  In the afternoon we went back to the community in need [we saw briefly the first day], Board Gard slum.

Right outside Board Gard [a community in need that uses a shallow, stagnant pond for bathing, washing clothes, cleaning dishes and utensils; it is mixed with not only human excreta, but also that of animals], we saw a long water queue, where women and their kids were lined down the dusty road with their water containers. It was at a safe water point put in by DSK and WaterAid. Here the water is turned on and off by a government official a few times a day, and those in line do not know how long it will last, and if they will even get water at all [this is called water insecurity].

We have read accounts from communities about fights breaking out at these public taps because of this. Mark was filming the queue and just happened to have his camera at the spigot when the water was shut off – I guess they can tell when it is shut off because of the sound the pipes make. A fight broke out as the next woman in line shoved her container under the spigot, knocking the other woman’s container out of the way, and the others in line pushed and broke into a yelling frenzy. Mark caught it all, up close and personal. He showed Nicole and I once we were back in the car…pretty crazy. Can you imagine?

Even those those in Board Gard get clean water from this tap, they must make the trip several times a day [just under a mile], and even then, they do not always know if they will be able to get water. They still suffer from a lot of disease [cholera, dysentery, diarrhea, jaundice, skin disease] because they are using contaminated water for everything else, as well as unsanitary hanging latrines. There is really no concept of hygiene, and they don’t know otherwise because they have never been taught.

Rich textures, vibrant colors, curious, welcoming people:

The kids sing songs about hygiene and perform a play about someone getting sick from dirty water and the transformation to health after their clean water project.

Our awesome translator, Akbor, tells us about their skit.

The camera crew gets footage of Nicole talking with the children.

Cute kids, but was trying to show the piles of trash in their backyard, right next to unsanitary hanging latrines by a pond :/

They thought these kinds of pictures were hilarious, I ended up taking several upon request, haha

100 year old man!

Tubewell drilling by community members. This safe water project will be complete in 3-4 days.

Board Gard slum: a girl washes a pot in the contaminated pond.


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