gunman cuts a rug & other misc events

BANG: Day Five, our last day.

Mark and Ted went out this morning to capture certain street scenes, while the rest of us caught up on work while at our hotel. After some lunch, the whole gang ventured out to a market, aka nicer departmenty-type store for some Bangladesh mementos. While there, a massive wind/rain storm pummeled the city in a sudden black wave. Within thirty minutes, the side streets were flooded, billboards were in shreds, and several streetlights and poles of some kind lay fallen in the roads.

This led to what should have been a fifteen minute ride home, become a nearly THREE HOUR van ride. As Ted put it, if Bangladesh was competing in any Olympic competition, they would take gold, silver, and bronze in traffic jams. We reverted to entertainment via a pictionary/telephone-esque game [thanks Kevin] that proved to be just the thing we needed to help us pass the time. It is hard to explain, but after passing around the paper, we went from the initial “I wish I was finishing my third beer” to “Gunman cuts a rug”, and “Traffic jam in Dhaka” to “Water with stuff in it”. You get the idea – funny stuff.

Akbor with one of our completed games.

Ted with the now infamous, "gunman cuts a rug" creation.

Every trip has its share of bad pics. Here are  few:

Marty, Nicole and Nayakam at dinner.

Sorry Mark, this was too good to not share...

Here are other misc pictures from the week:

I finish this post back at my place in KC! We made it in around 7 pm last night. It is really weird being back and looking at these pictures, I feel like I dreamed it.

We had some funny adventures getting home, so I’ll do another post on that and maybe a reflection later down the road, as I know it will take me a while to let it all soak in…


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