Let’s be revolutionary, working America.

Or, more specifically I should call this post…Dear Myself:

– Don’t eat lunch at your desk, with your lappy, while working.

– Take some breaks every day. Go for a walk each day. Seek natural light. Look out the windows. It’s really okay. The world will not crumble in your brief absence.

– Chat with your co-workers. Don’t just chat. Listen. See how they are really doing, what is going on in their lives. Don’t think about work when they are talking. Crack some jokes.

– Break away early occasionally for happy hours. Arrange it if no one else is making it happen. The work will be there tomorrow. You know it will. Make people feel guilty if they aren’t going :)

– Leave at 5. And don’t work at night. Boundaries woman, boundaries!

– Pick some evenings each week, and maybe even an entire day during the weekend, and don’t touch your phone or computer or tv. Don’t text, call, even look at it, check your email, Facebook…unplug, in every possibly meaning of the word.

– IMPERATIVE: Make sure you find a way to LAUGH every day. And preferably, a LOT. If no one is helping you reach this goal, make it happen yourself. Better yet, find ways to make others laugh too :D

I hated when I was a server and I would see couples on dates, or families at dinner, with someone (or everyone!) constantly on their phone. Could you be more distracted, bored, or disinterested? How depressing! Life is too short to miss out on getting to know the people in front of you, in your life…the depths and heart and life and brain of others…especially those you say you care about and love.It takes work sometimes, but when you’re in that place with another human, there is NOTHING better.

What do your work habits say about you? Your technology habits? What would a stranger observe if they were watching you?

Maybe you already have a job that allows flexibility, or you’re good at taking space, time, making boundaries…I am NOT. For lots of reasons I won’t go into. And these things hit me this week. They are so SMALL, so SIMPLE, and yet, DIFFICULT. Why? It’s almost ridiculous.

So small, simple, and yet so revolutionary. SO counter-cultural to a fast-paced society that is enamored with productivity, ego found in our work, praise…addiction to busyness, to distraction, to pseudo-connection.

As always, I write this for and to myself. It is sad that such obvious and simple and healthy things can be so hard to do…

Care to go for a walk?

I took this pic at a sculpture park in Klaipeda, Lithuania, in June 2006.


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