first things first

I’m a procrastinator, and I hate it. It’s dumb, I know, but when there is something I really want to do or say or write about, if I don’t know how to begin – I put it off.

Don’t ask me why.

So I’ll be honest. I don’t know where to begin. There is just so much…

I just got back from quite the random road trip out West – and by “just”, I really mean 9 days ago. I hadn’t expected to write about it, but I feel like I would be robbing you if I didn’t. But do I start from day one? Or the end when we hit a deer at 4:30 am, an hour  away from being “home” [Oklahoma City – home for Matt]?

Okay, well for some context, something came over me in March and I knew I had to go see the Grand Canyon this summer. I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, so I began to map my route anyways, entertaining thoughts of doing it alone. I mean, isn’t road tripping across the states by yourself some kind of right of passage? I didn’t know, but the desire outweighed any hesitation.

Long story short, Matt and I are friends through a mutual best friend of mine from college. We instantly hit it off when we met, cracking jokes. I hadn’t seen him since we’d met at John & Rachel’s wedding in October of 2009, but on Facebook he asked when I was going to come visit everyone in Oklahoma City. I passively asked if he wanted to go on this trip with me, since if I went, I’d stop through and say hi to them. And he, to my surprise, was definitely on board.

Breakfast with friends in OKC before we hit the road - note the hesitation in my eyes :)

So before I tell you some of the stories and how it beautifully unfolded each day, I’ll show you the sad end to an otherwise fantastic trip:

Earlier that day on a remote ranch in AZ, I locked my keys in my car and had to bash out the small window in the back to retrieve them...

Deer smash :( 4:30 am, almost to OKC. Drove through the night instead of couchsurfing in Albuquerque, NM.

Goodbye trusty car, will I ever see you again? We were running on 26 hours of no sleep at this point...

But alas – this just in yesterday – car NOT totaled! I will hopefully go get it next week sometime. I am pretty relieved as I wasn’t looking forward to going through the whole car search process :D

Since I live and work downtown, the no car thing hasn’t been a problem. The few times I’ve needed rides it has worked out – but it has been a challenge to rely on the grace of others. I have also ridden THE BUS this week for the first time [with a seasoned expert who showed me the ropes, thanks Matt] in KC! And I loved it. And am actually taking it today for a meeting in Brookside I scheduled, forgetting that I didn’t have a car.

More to come…


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