Haiti: a glimpse of day 1

Dry river bed, flying over Haiti

Yesterday I had two of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had! One you will see several photos of below – taking the small plane from Port-au-Prince to Pignon. Sometimes it was like losing your stomach on a roller coaster, but the only difference is you had no idea when that would happen! But so incredible, to see a country that way. The other, was after grabbing some beers downtown, I rode a motorcycle back with Roudy, a guy I met today that works for Haiti Outreach :D Too fun.

Roudy! With his sweet new helmet Laura brought him back from KC.

It is 6:30 am and I think the sounds just reached a crescendo outside my window. Roosters through the night were accompanied by the occasional chicken or bird. Now dogs howling, fighting, goats bleating, motorcycles speeding by, people yelling in the distance, someone sweeping, Creole being spoken, and more roosters. Haiti is beautiful, and yet you get the sense it is not even close to the beauty it could be. I’ve never seen land look so thirsty. And the deforestation…wow. More adventures from our day::

Waiting at the Miami airport - Hank, Tim and Lisa.

Into Haiti.

We find Laura quickly (yay!) and head out to meet Lazaare, our driver.

Laura and Tim slip back through the fence to buy a sim card outside the airport.

This is apparently how we exchange money is Haiti, $USD for Gourdes (goots)...!! Just off the street.

No water or sanitation infrastructure, fact of life in Port-au-Prince.

We all get weighed for our placement on the next plane to Pignon.

There she is!

Laura! My Water.org colleague. She has taken this flight 4 or 4 times. It has been amazing to see her in action here, in her element. Best guide.

Tim fell asleep, don't ask me how.

Lnaded on the grass strip - the airport. Welcome to Pignon! Lisa filming with her Flip cam.

Made it to the Haiti Outreach guest house, a 2 or 3 min walk from where we landed.

About to go visit a community that just inaugurated a well, met with Haiti Outreach at their office next door to where we stay.

The drilling rig blew a tire, so they are kicking out the rim to change it.

We have to go so I will show the rest of the photos from visiting Jan Brile community and then chilling after, later. I just talked to Neil, one of the guys who started Haiti Outreach. He has been living here for 23 years! Originally from Wellsville, NY. But we were telling him we felt so swanky in this guest house, and asked why it is so nice. And he said that their vision is for Haiti to be a developed country. So they wanted to create a place where visitors could come to Pignon and it was not a camping experience. I love people with vision… More to come!


4 Comments on “Haiti: a glimpse of day 1

  1. Erin: You will fall in love with Haiti and with the Haitian people. I looked at your pictures and I want to be there so badly. Also, LouAnn and Dr. Trask from F & C go to Pignon and take that same crop-duster type plane. You can google Pignon and find the little plane on youtube………maybe your parents should see that one AFTER you come home! Waking up in Haiti to the sounds of children singing, dogs barking, and those nocturnal roosters is the best wake-up ever. Again, I am aching to be there. Savor every minute as your senses are overwhelmed. Love, Tracy

  2. Very neat and inspiring to see what you’re seeing and doing down there. Motivating me to get off my bum and put a little more effort into my day! -Nathan

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