Flying Haitian rats, but mostly fly vids

For those of you I haven’t told, picture this: a football-sized rat, scurrying across a busy airport floor. The Haitian airport employee kicks it, and YES! It becomes airborne. People are screaming. It hits a man’s shoulder, but somehow latches on, clinging. He swipes the rat to the ground, and as it hits and flails about, another airport employee swiftly ends its life with his foot. RIP scary rat.

Just a casual Saturday morning at the Port-au-Prince International airport. I’d be REALLY cool if 1) I had a REAL photo, or VIDEO even! Can you imagine?! and 2) If I had been the one to see it…yes…confession. This was actually witnessed by the woman I sat next to on the plane on the way to Miami. I was jealous. And crying laughing.

I was going to post more pics, but EVEN better! Two of the three prolific YouTubers I went with posted their videos, and they are great. It especially gives you a good feel of the trip, our experience, and the communities we spent time in:

Lisa Nova

Timothy DelaGhetto

Soooo great :) Will post Hank’s videos soon. Hard to believe we have been back for a little over a week!

AND tomorrow is World Water Day. If you want to do something, celebrate by standing up with millions in the name of clean water for all: DONATE YOUR VOICE online!


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