I can’t take credit for finding this, but it resonated.

Major blogging fail here, but I have a getaway in the works to help me breathe, read, write, pray, think, conspire, and rest. Did I mention write?

There are a lot of really cool / crazy things abrewin’ and I plan to share soon.

On a very happy note, after three years of hard work and struggle, my health is the best it has been yet! My skin is starting to glow [I am getting regular comments about it], I look healthy, have now lost 30 pounds over the past year, am as strong as I’ve ever been, and my hair is no longer falling out – it is even growing back! I can attribute that to the culmination of all my efforts including diet [gluten/dairy free, mostly vegan this past almost year of being more stringent], colonics, foot detoxes, Ashtanga yoga several times a week, vinegar/epsom salt bath every night, lots of vitamins, visits to the holistic doc, counseling, most recently making a daily green smoothie with several table spoons of coconut oil, and all around just sticking to my own guns despite everyone else’s opinion – even some doctors :)

I am proud and feeling good. I am no longer in pain! I hope my story will encourage and inspire others.

More to come….


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