my Water Day excitement in haiku form

In Dhaka, Bangladesh with and Nick News in Feb. 2010. Loved spending the there days with the friendly, beautiful, welcoming people!

Yep, it’s that time of year again! World Water Day. But in honor of my short, online attention span, and your time, I thought, in the words of Monthy Python: “And now, for something completely different!” (See video below, 20 sec). So I give you the low down in Haiku form, and a bulleted list:

Water Day this week,
My fourth one, hard to believe –
Each bigger, better

Speak up, donate your voice
Celebrate water

One billion without;
Hard to believe in 2012
Fight with me for change!

So thankful for you,
Your years of steadfast support.
Quit being so cool.

Well that was fun ;p There are a lot of other things going on too!

  • I was interviewed for the Kansas City Star.
  • I am helping throw a killer Water Day party here in KC on Thursday, BUT most of the credit goes to the super sharp, passionate committee that has organically formed over the past few months. I absolutely love this group and meeting every month. It is going to be a fun event and the launch of our Young Water group to grow a local presence and awareness about the water crisis, and on our home turf. Local pride!
  • I had a lot of fun working with my friend and our designer Annie to make Facebook Timeline Cover Photos, Pinterest posters, a Twitter background, and fundraiser to promote our efforts. Donate a buck to show some love you blessed human being! Giving is cool, so pass it on.
  • This is my favorite time of year because I get to do some of the things I do best. The fast pace excitement is now at its peak as we’ve been reaching out to all of our biggest strategic partners, I’ve been writing a lot of the messaging around Water Day, getting the word out via our social media and newsletters, working with the team on all fronts, and learning a lot through working with our Levi’s partnership which launches on Thursday as well.
  • We took two popular YouTube video bloggers to India a few weeks ago, and they are also making some videos for Water Day this week. This guy – Wheezy Waiter – made one as soon as he got back. I think it is hilarious:

    Thanks so much for joining me! And to end where I began, on my favorite note of randomness, and wishing you a wonderful Water Week….

    Monthy Python, and the Fish Slapping Dance-


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