Happy World Water Day, ya’ll!

Thanks to my talented friend Hunter Sanders for making this for me/us today – what a nice treat!

Otherwise, just take a sec to appreciate clean water and all the ways it flows in and out of your life and habits each day. A luxury and a necessity. All of us, worldwide, have this in common. Pretty cool. In fact:

Right now, I am enjoying some hot water in my delicious Lemon Mate tea. Mmm.

I had the opportunity to write a post on the UN Foundation blog today. It’s been a really good and exciting today on so many fronts. In particular – all the great tweets people/partners have been doing today in support of our campaign; for those who’ve donated their voice, we’re reaching more than 3.1 million with our message; and our Water Day fundraiser that blew its goal UP and is still growing by the hour. We were also featured on the home page of Huffington Post.

Popular YouTube video blogger WheezyWaiter also published this video today. He went to India with us last month, and does a great job telling about their water situation and solutions at work:

I’ll end with short, delightful message from Matt Damon & Gary White [that is featured on the YouTube home page today]:

Thanks for joining me, Water.org, and so many others today in the name of clean water for all! 

What a neat day. You rock.



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