life changes like WHOA

Yep. You’re reading that sign right. My time at has come to an end. I found that sign in San Fran a few weeks ago just as I was making this decision, and I couldn’t help but smile. Literally – a sign!

After nearly four robust, mind-blowing, beautiful years at the organization, I am busting out on my own to do social media / strategy / community building / content curation / communication consulting work. My last day is this Friday – April 27.

I wish I could tell you more than that :) But true to my “adventure, check yes” fashion, all of the rest is in the works. My goal: locking down two 20 hour a week gigs I am really excited about (in the works), and beyond that, just  making plans to de-stress and travel as much as possible in the coming months to visit loved ones across the country. After all – I’ll be able to work from anywhere!

Next on the list is get my own computer, meet with an accountant, decide on my biz name (any ideas?!), and make some more plans around what I need to start off on the right foot, as well as what this all means for me as a developing professional / adult.

I feel blessed and beyond excited for the freedom to embark on this new chapter.

“I was surprised, as always, by how easy the act of leaving was, and how good it felt. The world was suddenly rich with possibility.” – Jack Kerouac

But on TOP of all of this, and much to my surprise, my 15-month relationship with the man I thought I would marry ended the same week I put in my resignation…GOD, WHAT IS GOING ON?!

I’ve been in shock mode but am grateful that today it all hit me and was able to pour out in the presence of people who love me. I’m grieving on a lot of different levels, but simultaneously have a weird peace about it all. I trust God. He has always lead me to amazing places, with more than I could have ever imagined for myself…I know this is no different.

Last week I went back to my Alma mater, Drury University, to visit all my amazing professors and campus connections to catch up, and one of them told me about “tabula rasa”, a Latin term meaning an absence of preconceived ideas or predetermined goals; a clean slate.

Ha! Yep. No doubt about that.

This momentum and possibility has been invigorating. I’ve read some books over the past six months that have done wonders to expand my views (mostly of myself, my potential!) and lead me to where I am now: Secrets of Six Figure Women, and Knowing Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth. I would recommend them to ANY woman for inspiration.

So we shall see what adventures ensue in the coming months. Thanks for joining me. One of the things that gives me confidence is knowing that like me, you have been heartbroken, surprised, wrecked, excited, fearful, overjoyed, thankful, sad, and brave…We are never alone. And as my wise and full-of-life roommate said this week: “I’d rather feel, than feeling nothing at all.” Amen.

Ok! Mission accepted. I am going:


2 Comments on “life changes like WHOA

  1. so excited for you! inspring post. i’d love to catch up soon. let me know if you need to make fayetteville one stop along your journey. :)

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